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Jim would be happy to speak to you about your project. Jim can do things such as expert fabrication, rust repair, and repair of collision damage. Jim can do any part of, or the complete job. If you are restoring your own auto, and have something you do not feel qualified to attempt, consider letting Jim do this work, and then return the auto to your own workshop to complete your restoration. Jim is well connected in this industry, and can assist you in locating parts, and facilities capable of repairing any aspect of your auto. Jim has a short list of highly skilled and honorable repair facilities capable of rebuilding drive train components in a reasonable mount of time for a reasonable price with very high levels of quality. Jim’s companies operate on a simple business philosophy. Jim calls it the “Do it now” method of business. It really is, “simply that simple!”

Jim Snell's Philosophy on Car Restoration

Jim subscribes to many antique auto publications. In the stories in these magazines, Jim frequently sees the same scenario. The owner of the car comments on the fact that the auto may have been at two, three, or four different shops before a competent operation was found that would actually complete the project. It seems that many shops take on jobs, then typically get side tracked by insurance work, or other reasons. The disassembled collector car may sit for many months, even years, and sometimes outside in the elements. While the owner tries repeatedly to motivate the shop owner to complete the job as agreed. It seems that with some people, you can’t even throw money at them to get them motivated to finish what they agreed to do. Jim realized that as he has the skills, and is not actually in the body shop business, there might be a possibility for a new type of business with a totally new concept. The concept is simple. As a hobby, Jim works on only one car at a time. That car is Jim’s only project. As Jim doesn’t do insurance work, there is no enticement to push the restoration project aside. As Jim only works on one car at a time, the motivation is to complete the task at hand. The same reasons that cause so many problems in the restoration industry are the focus points of Jim’s philosophy in business. It is all simple human nature. People tend to gravitate to the fast buck. When something else comes along that pays-off faster, then they may not complete the previous commitment. This is all about integrity and honesty. Often in the auto body business, the small shops may lack the financial capital necessary to stay in business, and financial problems disrupt the work at hand. Antique auto restoration is not Jim’s livelihood; he is successful in the racing motorcycle business. Income from the completion of his restoration projects does not effect the day to day operation of the business. Now days, bigger body shops typically don’t do restorations as they are Insurance shops, and are cranking out fast repairs on late model autos to satisfy the demands of customers who need their daily transportation repaired as soon as possible. It is all very simple. It all makes perfect sense.

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